ChairmanIt is over five decades since the Corinthia Group was born and when I look back I derive a deep sense of satisfaction from our achievements in hospitality, catering, development and project management.

We evolved from a small island in the Mediterranean and, through a process of measured but determined growth, made major breakthroughs in major cities around Europe and beyond.

Our success has been the result of hard work, persistence and commitment of each and every individual who has formed part of the Corinthia Group. This is underpinned by an unwavering commitment to a set of core values – Authenticity, Passion, Understanding and Precision – that form the basis of all our relationships with business partners and customers.

Today, our multifaceted business – which provides a unique blend of development know-how, project management and ultimately hotel operations – has achieved worldwide recognition as international investors have seen the immense benefits of dealing with a company that can provide this unique array of services under one roof.

We will continue to expand – not only our asset base but also, more importantly, our human dialogue. We will strive to be unique in our commitment to achieving high standards, in our commitment to respect one another and to always remain true to the core values that we proudly refer to as the Spirit of Corinthia.