The Corinthia Group started out in 1962 with the opening of a fine-dining restaurant in an art nouveau villa in Attard, Malta.  We now own or manage 20 hotels in 10 countries, and operate extensively in real estate development, catering, construction and project management – at home, close to home and well beyond.

We were among the first to build a five-star hotel in Malta, complete with full conference facilities as far back as 1968. We have kept that forward-thinking strategy, and it has served us well. In fact, we have grown steadily and soundly into what we are today: a corporation with an annual turnover around of Euros 185 million and a dedicated staff of 3,400 people, selected for their loyalty, top performance and skills.

Our Group is organised in independent business units, each of which plan and implement well-defined strategies driven by the objective of continued growth, furtherance of their core interests and the ongoing optimisation of profitability of operations.