THE CORINTHIA GROUP OF COMPANIES  (CPHCL Company Limited – formerly Corinthia Palace Hotel Company Limited)

After opening a fine-dining restaurant in an imposing country villa on 6 December 1962, the Pisani Family later founded CPHCL Company Limited on 21 June 1966 in order to build its first hotel in the villa’s extensive grounds.  As Malta evolved from a colonial state under British rule into an independent nation, Corinthia was among the first players in the country’s fledgling tourism industry. Over the years, the Company has expanded to encompass ownership, development and operation of hotels in Malta, Europe, Africa and beyond.

In 2000, CPHCL incorporated and listed International Hotel Investments p.l.c. (IHI) on the Malta Stock Exchange – to act as its holding company for the Corinthia Brand, owned and managed hotels, as well as real estate projects and developments.

IHI’s holdings include 10 hotels; a development company, Corinthia Developments International; a project management company, QP; and a hotel management company Corinthia Hotels (CHI) which manages 20 hotels in 10 countries. IHI now has over 3,000 public shareholders as well as other strategic investors including Istithmar of Dubai.

In 2006, CPHCL joined forces with the National Real Estate Co of Kuwait to incorporate Mediterranean Investments Holding p.l.c. (MIH) – a North African real estate development company whose main investment is the Palm City Residences, a 413-unit, gated, residential compound in Janzour, Libya, and is also commencing works on its second project, the Medina Tower, which is a 180,000 sq.m. mixed use development in the heart of Tripoli, Libya.

Our Group is organised in independent business units, each of which plan and implement well-defined strategies driven by the objective of continued growth, furtherance of their core interests and the ongoing optimisation of profitability of operations.