Alfred Pisani


ALFRED PISANI founded and heads the Corinthia Group, IHI’s principal shareholder and is also the Chairman of IHI. The Corinthia Group is a leading international hotel developer,investor and operator, with interests in several countries.

Khaled Algonsel


KHALED ALGONSEL joined Libyan Foreign Investment Company (LAFICO) in 1993. He was Manager of the Treasury and Financial Planning Department and was Managing Director in 2012-2018.

He was Chairman of Libya Investment Company, Egypt 2013-2018, and Vice Chairman of Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation, Saudi Arabia 2012-2018. Mr Algonsel is Vice President of the Libyan Foreign Bank.

Mr Algonsel has a bachelor’s degree in financial accounting from Gharian Accounting College, a master’s degree in financial accounting from The Libyan Academy in Tripoli and a master’s degree in banking and finance from The European University.

Joseph M. Pisani


JOSEPH M. PISANI is a founder director and member of the main board of Corinthia Palace Hotel Company Limited, and has served on a number of boards of subsidiary companies.

Victor Pisani


VICTOR PISANI has been a director of CPHCL since 1966 and is a director on a number of its subsidiary companies.

Emhemmed Ghula


EMHEMMED GHULA has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Aliant International University in the United States and a master’s degree in construction technology and management from Loughborough University in the United Kingdom.

Mr Ghula has 30 years’ experience in various fields as a Board member of a number of companies mainly in the Middle East and Africa, including being Chairman of Lafico in Sudan, Chairman of Oyia Real Estate and Tourism Investment Company and Chairman of Saving and Real Estate Bank in Libya.

Abdulrahman Dibiba


ABDULRAHMAN DIBIBA graduated in architecture and urban design from the University of Misurata. He has been active in the private sector, mainly on development projects and has also been involved in the furniture and interior design business for eight years and in the retail sector. Recently, Mr Dibiba has been engaged on green architecture initiatives.

Alfred Fabri


ALFRED FABRI joined the Corinthia Group in 1989 and has occupied various senior positions in the private and public sectors.